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About Gary’s Family Auto

About Gary’s Family Auto

Gary Rodgers is the owner and chief mechanic at Gary’s Family Auto. Gary and his girlfriend combined have 5 wonderful kids. They enjoy spending time in the outdoors and family fun activities. Gary embarked on a career journey as a diesel technician/manager 16 years ago. His journey has been marked by expertise, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in his craft. Throughout the years, Gary honed his technical skills, becoming a seasoned professional in the field. Gary's commitment to his work has been evident in his technical prowess and leadership abilities. He has not only turned wrenches but also managed multiple shops, showcasing his talent for the diesel industry's practical and administrative aspects. His managerial skills have kept engines running smoothly and ensured the efficient and effective functioning of the shops he has managed. Now, Gary is launching Gary’s Family Auto in Webb City, MO. With the launch of his own business, he aspires to channel his years of experience and passion for cars into a venture that reflects his dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction. Gary looks forward to meeting the needs of vehicle owners around the Four States! Come over to Gary's Family Auto, where quality meets affordability, where we'll put the life back in your ride!

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